Update: Connecting Raspberry to a EW-7811Un

Some time ago I posted about how to connect a Raspberry Pi to a EW-7811Un WLAN USB adapter. Well the world is turning and so does software.

The latest Raspbian image (as of this writing it is dated 9th February 2013) comes with a working driver for this adapter and modinfo reveals that it comes with version v3.4.3_4369.20120622 which is exactly the version I used. Raspbian itself is using the much newer kernel though (3.6.11+) compared to the one back in September 2012 (3.2.27+). So at the end there’s no real need to compile the driver unless to want to have a newer version of that driver (Realtek now has v3.4.4_4749.20121105 available). In that case the described procedure is still valid.

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