Reverting a TP-Link TL-WA801ND from OpenWRT back to stock firmware

I think it might be of interest what I’ve answered in response to one of my commenters. So I decided to put in here as well:

Going back to stock firmware is not that complicated although it can’t be done from the web interface.
First you need to get a stock firmware from TP-Link. I suggest you don’t grab the latest one as it comes along with a new bootloader. The new bootloader is either having a bug or by design crippled but you will no more be able to use TFTP with that one. It’s broken. Take an older one, e.g. TL-WA801ND_V2_120524. Unzip and copy the firmware to the device:

scp -l root wa801nv2_en_3_13_20_up\(120524\).bin IP ADDRESS:/tmp/tplink.bin

Then you need to logon to it via ssh and flash the firmware:

cd /tmp
mtd -r write tplink.bin firmware

It will reboot and come back again running the stock firmware.

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4 Replies to “Reverting a TP-Link TL-WA801ND from OpenWRT back to stock firmware”

  1. It worked. I only had to change the open-wrt binary filename to “upgrade.bin”.
    The tp-link web gui finally accepted it after that.

    For reference:
    I have TL-WA801ND v2.1
    I went to the tp-link and downgraded my firmware to V2_120524 just in case.
    I downloaded the latest openwrt binary from the dropbox folder ( r41931 ).
    I had to change the file name to “upgrade.bin”.
    The TP-Link web GUI accepted it after that.
    It installed, then rebooted.
    Then I had to go to the new LAN IP address for the luci web gui.

  2. I reverted my TL-WA801ND v2.1 with the Stock Firmware V2_120524.
    It boots up properly and I can connect over WiFi and Ethernet.
    But when trying to open the Web Interface after typing the password it just shows some lines and keeps loading.
    If I then disconnect I see some Text for initial setup but after connecting again I can´t do anything. It just keeps loading forever.

    Have any Idea what the problem is?
    (Tried several computers and browsers to be sure.)

  3. Thanks for your post, thought to update with my experience reverting back to version TL-WA801ND_V2_140425, the mtd command failed with error “[e]Failed to erase block”, turns out according to [1] I had to remove the first 0x20200 bytes from the original firmware considering that the firmware file name that I got from the official TP-Link site had the word “boot”:
    dd if=tplink.bin of=tplink-fixed.bin skip=257 bs=512

    Then running mtd on the new outputted file got me successfully back to stock:
    mtd -r write tplink-fixed.bin firmware


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