Update (6): Bringing OpenWRT (Barrier Breaker) to TL-WA801ND v2

The Dropbox folder contains binaries of the “Barrier Breaker” trunk as well. Note that the latest ones have an unlocked bootloader. This allows to install a new or modified bootloader into the device from a started OpenWRT. If you feel uncomfortable with this as it also imposes some security risks: don’t use these binaries. Use one of the firmware files with a locked bootloader.

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3 Replies to “Update (6): Bringing OpenWRT (Barrier Breaker) to TL-WA801ND v2”

  1. Just installed it over TFTP, and it seems to work perfectly.
    How is the long-term stability of openWRT on this router? Any lockups or similar that require a reboot after days/weeks/months?

  2. Used your script to upload via serial, replaced bootloader after flashing openWRT but don’t get wifi running. Got an error ‘Cant initiate hardware, error state -22’ from wifi driver. Same on vanila firmware, any sugestions?
    Perhaps hardware fault?
    Thanks 4 sharing your knowledge and files.

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